Dad builds incredible theme park waterslide in his garden by using old decking


A dad built a huge water slide for his kids in his back garden – and made it look like a theme park rollercoaster.

Builder Mark Howell, 42, from Lincolnshire, decided to handcraft the water slide with some old decking he had helped remove from a friend’s home and transformed it into an incredible water slide for his children.

Lily Rayne, 9, and Welton, 6, wasted no time making use of the DIY water slide as they used it to cool down in the scorching heatwave by sliding down the soft play mats into the swimming pool.

Dad Mark even had a go himself as mum Danielle Brown, 43, watching her kids play from the side and documented the epic water slide.

Travel business owner and mentor Danielle, from Tattlesworth, Lincolnshire, said: “When our new pool went up, the kids’ existing slide didn’t fit, so I asked Mark to sort a new slide, and a light bulb went off in his head.

“The result was this slide. It is lined with floor sponges – soft play mats – and then multiple layers of damp proof membrane.

“A sub pump brings the water up from the pool and down the slide to keep it cool and allow the children to slide easily down.

“He did it all in a couple of hours when I disappeared out for lunch!”

As mum Danielle popped out for lunch she was greeted with the children playing on the brilliantly inspired water theme park as she filmed the joy on her kids faces.

She said: “I was shocked when I got home, but then I saw what he created and absolutely loved it.

“He is incredibly innovative and we all think the slide is amazing.

“The kids have been using it ever since, and loved it today with Daddy home from work!

“We live in the village next to RAF Coningsby where the highest temperature is currently recorded at 40.3°C so this was well needed today!”